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Functional Capacity Evaluation


 A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a physical assessment of an individual's ability to perform a work- related activity.

 What Are the Purposes of the FCE?

The FCE may be used to determine:

• Goals for rehabilitation or readiness for discharge

• Return to work status (including full duty, modified/transitional duty)

• Case settlement

• Disability status

• Ability to meet job demands as part of a hiring process(for preemployment/post-offer testing)

 What Are the Components of an FCE?

An FCE usually consists of:

• Medical record review

• Musculoskeletal screening

• Physical ability testing

Physical testing may include graded strength activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling; position tolerance activities such as standing, sitting, and stooping; and mobility activities such as walking, crawling, and climbing. An FCE may also include information about an individual's dexterity, coordination, balance, endurance, and other job specific testing.

Who Can Refer/Recommend the FCE?

• Physicians

• Case managers

• Other therapists

• Insurance carriers

• Employers/human resource personnel/risk managers

• Attorneys

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